Paul octopus ,official ambassador for the British.

  LONDON - Paul octopus that, forecasters from the World Cup in South Africa, has become an official ambassador for the British bid to host the tournament in 2018, organizers said Friday. 

 Nicola said Hamilton, manager at Weymouth Sea Life Centre in southern England, where Paul was born octopus. he must be proud of England and is therefore happy to put support behind England in 2018.

 "We have a number of approaches football from around the world, but Paul was just going to pick her homeland."

 Paul, who hatched in England but has lived two years in an aquarium in western Germany, joined by footballer David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and Noel Gallagher and singer Sting in supporting the bid.

  After successful input, Paul has signed a book contract, paul also appeared in the film and there are faces in a variety of goods, funds will be donated to charity, according to the British bid team in 2018.

UK to compete with Russia, the United States, Australia, and joint bids from Spain and Portugal, and Holland and Belgium to host the 2018 tournament.

 Winning bid for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup will be revealed on December 2.
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